Suisse: nouvel excédent commercial record en 2014

Swiss Foreign Trade 2014: New Export Record


Bellow the line the trade balance produced a surplus of CHF 30 billion.

With the exception of the paper and graphic arts industry (-5.8%), all of the Swiss export sectors increased their sales abroad. The highest increases were in jewellery and jewellery goods (+17.6%), followed by the chemical-pharmaceutical industry (+5.4%) and the metal industry (+3.3%).

Demand for Swiss products increased last year, particularly in North America (+10.0%) and in non-euro Europe (non-euro-zone: +8.5%). Sales of Swiss products recorded high growth rates in Ireland (+40.0%), Qatar (+28.1%), Vietnam (+24.8%), Hungary (+24.1%), Malaysia (21.9 %), Algeria (+14.8%), Mexico (+14.2%), the UK (+12.8%), the United Arab Emirates (+12.1%), the USA (+11.1%), Kazakhstan (+11.0%) and Egypt (+10.7%).

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