Immigration de travail en Allemagne: 4 immigrés sur 5 sont européens

Four in five foreigners in Germany are from Europe

As a result of the demonstrations organised by Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) across Germany, the asylum and migration policies of the Federal Government have become a focus of public attention. In 2013, roughly 7.6 million foreigners lived in Germany. This was the largest number recorded since the Central Register of Foreigners was set up in 1967.

The great majority of foreigners came from European countries (79%) like Poland (8%) and Italy (7%). Turkish people formed the largest group of foreigners (20%). In 2013, however, the number of foreigners who moved from Germany to Turkey (27,000) exceeded the number of those who migrated from Turkey to Germany (23,000).

On the whole, about 1.1 million foreigners migrated to Germany in 2013, while 658,000 left the country. As a result net migration was 16% higher than a year earlier. 78% of immigrants were from a European country. The vast majority of them came from Poland (17%) or Romania (12%).

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